The Model 3 "Fuses"



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    Anthony Stanisci

    Hi Pete, Any update on when the new Model 3 specific resistor design will be available for purchase? Thank you!

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    ryan wins

    Hi I just got the bright blue LEDs for the footwells of my model 3 and the passenger side shuts off after a few minutes. Originally both shut off a day after they were installed, but now the driverside seems to be ok, but the passenger side shuts off quickly, and does not come back on until the next night.

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    Jennifer A. Caldwell

    How can I direct wire a radar detector device? The lighter socket style connection is in a bad area for 12V use. It needs to be located nearby the USB ports for cell phones & unfortunately the 2 sockets are not compatible w/ radar devices. Please advise.

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    Hi Jennifer, I'm not sure. I know a few people are working on adapters to tap power for a dashcam, but I've not seen anything that's available yet. The Model 3 is very fussy about power, so it's probably not as simple as it would be for a regular car.

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    Michael Bass

    i've used these little step-up modules to provide a 12 volt output from a 5 volt USB connection. I Suppose as long as the power requirements of the radar detector are not too great the 5 volt USB should work fine.

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